Projects Under Implementation

Rare Earth (RE) Theme Park: Pilot Plants, Entrepreneur and Skill development in the value chain of Rare Earths. 
 • Capacity expansion of OSCOM plant: Increase in capacity from 2.2 to 4.5 lakh tpa of Ilmenite and associated minerals.
Private Freight Terminal (PFT) - OSCOM : Conversion of IRELs Private railway siding to Private Freight Terminal
Desalination Plant: Setting up of 5 million litres per day of seawater desalination plant.
 • Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Plant (REPM): Setting up of 3000 kg of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet plant for strategic applications.
IREL-IDCOL Ltd: Setting up of new mining and mineral separation plant for winning beach sand mineral deposits in Ganjam                             District of Odisha.


Last Updated On 14/02/2020