Current Tenders
S.No. Tender Reference Number Tender Title Unit name Tender Description Start Date End Date View
1 F-65/72/2018-19 Supply of Paint Items Chavara Supply of Paint Items 14/06/2018 28/06/2018 View
2 A-101/81/2018-19 Supply and Supervising install... Chavara Supply and Supervising installation and ... 14/06/2018 28/06/2018 View
3 A-105/82/2018-19 Spares for Melss Make Load Cel... Chavara Spares for Melss Make Load Cell 14/06/2018 28/06/2018 View
4 A-21/47/2018-19 Supply of Cast Tungsten Wire Chavara Supply of Cast Tungsten Wire 14/06/2018 28/06/2018 View
5 CH/46/17-18 Rate contract for operating Ca... Chavara Rate contract for operating Canteen for ... 29/05/2018 20/06/2018 View
6 CH/A-106/76/2018-19 Supply of Electromagnetic Vibr... Chavara f Electromagnetic Vibrator with Control ... 19/06/2018 05/07/2018 View
7 CH/A-55/53/2018-19 Supply of Electrical Grade Rub... Chavara Supply of Electrical Grade Rubber Mat 05/06/2018 21/06/2018 View
8 CH/A-84/65/2018-19 Supply of Sodium Carbonate Sod... Chavara Supply of Sodium Carbonate Soda Ash 11/06/2018 28/06/2018 View
9 CH/F-48/59/2018-19 Supply of Computer Consumable Chavara Supply of Computer Consumable 05/06/2018 21/06/2018 View
10 CH/F-52/61/2018-19 Supply of AC Corrugated Sheet Chavara Supply of AC Corrugated Sheet 05/06/2018 21/06/2018 View