Zircon is Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4). Mineral produced at various mineral separation plants form specific grades in terms of ZrO2 content ranging from 64.5% to about 65.5% with SiO2 content of little over 32%.


Zircon is used for the production of:
* Zircon flour and opacifier that are used as a coating in ceramics, sanitary ware, etc. to impart opacity to the end-products.
* Special purpose refractories.
* various Zirconium compounds.
* Zirconium metal which is used in Atomic reactors to provide cladding for cylindrical fuel rods that power a nuclear reaction.
* It is also used in foundries for mould making and foundry paints to withstand high temperatures

Last Updated On 11/02/2020