Beach Sand mining and mineral separation operation is naturally environment friendly. There are no blasting and drilling operations involved for extraction of beach sand minerals from the deposit.
The mined out areas are simultaneously backfilled with tailings generated during the up gradation process. The background radiation of the area on account of extraction of monazite mineral is taken out.
After mining, landscaping is done to maintain the original topography of the area facilitating plantation growth to develop green belt. Natural water bodies are left behind, which can be used for development of Eco- Tourism.
The mineral separation operations are carried out using physical separation process wherein use of chemicals is negligible. There is negligible impact over Air, Water, Noise, Soil and Biological Environment.
Half yearly report Oct-18 to March 2019  OSCOM View Document 8 Mb (Including Mineral,Chemical & SWDP)
Half Yearly Environment Clearance Report of View Document 4 Mb 141.22 Heectares ML area at MK 
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