Citizen Charter

Citizens for IREL are understood as any stakeholder with significant impact and influence on the Company ranging from Customers, Vendors, Investors, Joint Venture Partners, Government to Society at large.

IREL’s Citizen Charter contains three broad areas First part outlines Scope of the Charter and General Information about the Company. Second part contains the information on Management Commitment to the Citizens, details of Company business and Citizens’ obligations, thereby making Citizens better informed and empowering them to demand better products and services. In the Last part, it describes Citizens’ Service Delivery by managing the key ingredients for good product and service delivery and building its own capacity to continuously improve delivery through feedback mechanism.

Part-I: General

Scope of the Citizen Charter

The Charter manifest our resolve to consistently provide quality products with strong customer focus and commitment to sustainable development that meet requirements of our Citizens with applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.  It aims to enhance Citizens’ satisfaction and to continually improve our products and service delivery mechanism.

General Information about IREL           


IREL, incorporated on 18.08.1950 under the Company’s Act 1913, is a Mini Ratna Category-I Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) wholly owned by the Government of India (GoI) under the administrative control of the DAE.

Location of IREL’s mineral production units i.e. Manavalakurichi (MK) in Tamilnadu, Chavara in Kerala and Orissa Sands Complex (OSCOM), in Odisha, Rare Earths Division (RED) at Aluva, Kerala where monazite used to be processed during the period from 1952 to 2004 along with its Corporate Research Centre in Kollam in Kerala and registered Corporate Office in Mumbai are shown in the India map presented in Figure-1.  Vital financial parameters of the company such as equity holding, net worth as on 31.03.2016 is presented alongside. All production units of the company are certified by ISO: 9001, ISO:14001 and OHSAS:18001.

Fig: 1-Overview of IREL as on 31.03.2016.


* To be a significant contributor of strategic materials to Department of Atomic Energy

* To become a leading supplier of heavy minerals


* Sustainable contribution to nuclear power and energy security of the country through rare earth products and other strategic materials.

* Develop value added products of heavy minerals in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


* To become nationally and globally competitive player in beach sand minerals.

* To improve productivity, capacity utilization and cost effectiveness.

* To maximize shareholders' value.

* To align towards strategic activities of interest to DAE and become a substantial suppler of uranium from secondary sources.

* To strive for optimum value addition by developing technology.

* To evolve and implement eco-friendly policies, programs and projects within the AERB regulations.

* To strengthen R&D for achieving the above mentioned objectives.

The Business transacted by IREL

IREL is a mining and mineral separation company operating in the beach sand mineral sector.
Beach sand minerals are a suite of seven minerals viz. ilmenite, rutile, leucoxene which are titanium bearing minerals, zircon – a zirconium bearing mineral, sillimanite – a silicate of aluminum, garnet - iron-aluminum silicate, and monazite which is a phosphatic mineral of thorium, uranium and rare earths. These minerals are often found together in their natural state and they are known as heavy minerals (HM) as their density is more than 3.2 gm/cc much higher than that of silica.  The suites of these seven minerals are classified as associated minerals under section 69 of Mineral Concession Rules (MCR), 1960. The total installed capacity of IREL is 5,10,000 tons per annum (tpa) of ilmenite and associated minerals.

IREL has also set up a Monazite Processing Plant (MoPP) in its unit at OSCOM to produce tri-sodium phosphate, mixed rare earth chloride and other material of strategic importance.

The facilities at RED, Aluva has been retrofitted to process the mixed rare earth chloride generated from MoPP to produce separated high pure rare earths. Marketable Rare Earths Components are in the process of production by IREL.

The specifications of products are available on company’s website.


2.1       OBJECTIVES
The objective of the citizen charter of IREL is to ensure citizen oriented focus across all its process by adopting excellence enabler for improvement of products and services by effective citizen communication channels and manifesting transparent and open business operations by hosting the citizen charter on IREL’s website.


IREL is totally committed to a transparent and a streamlined service delivery through good governance by meeting the expectations of the citizens and to communicate to them our critical policies in order to make service delivery process more effective.  For achieving this we shall strive towards the following commitments.

* Provide quality products/services according to the specifications and standards stipulated by stated norms.

* Ensure delivery of our products/services as per agreed terms and delivery schedule.

* Build world class Human Resource by need based functional and behavioral training to employees at all levels;

* Committed to fulfilling the Citizens’ requirements and to rise to their expectations and beyond;

* Timely redressal of Citizens grievances adhering to stipulated mechanism.


Based upon their impact and influence on IREL, the various categories of Citizens have been identified as following:

* Customers

* Government

* Shareholders

* Bankers

* Vendors and Suppliers/Contractors

* Society

* Joint Venture Partners

To provide efficient services to the citizens and satisfying their expectations, IREL perceives the following expectations from various categories of citizens.

* Full participation in quality control, periodical reviews and financial commitments.

* Indicate realistic & reasonable schedule and make prompt payment.


* Timely clearances/approvals from controlling agencies/ministries/Departments.

* Adherence to the statutory rules and regulations.

* Periodic review/interaction between IREL and Department of Atomic Energy.

 Shareholders, Bankers etc.,

* To supply complete and correct information to enable correct decision making.

* To adhere to fair, transparent and consistent practices/code in financial dealings.

 Vendors/Project Contractors

* Strict adherence to time and delivery schedule as per tenders or purchase orders.

* Adherence to the Statutory safety guidelines.

* Achievement of economy on products/services without compromising the quality standards.

* Timely release of payments as per terms of order/contract.


* Appreciation of services delivered under the corporate social responsibility and

environment policies.

Increased use of the feedback mechanism under the Citizen’s Charter in order to assist the company to incorporate better service standards.

Joint Venture Partners

* Compliance with terms of agreement/memorandum of understanding.

* Strict adherence to time and delivery schedules as per tenders or purchase orders.

* Strive to achieve best in class quality standards in terms of products, services and employee skills.


3.1    The details of products/services being provided to the different categories of citizens are mentioned in the table below

Service provided



Various kind of products both in domestic and export segments.

  • Signing of purchase agreements.
  • Supply of products as per laid down quality standards.


  • Department of Atomic Energy(DAE)
  • Department of Public


  • Ministry of Mines
  • Ministry of Environment &


  • State Government Departments

Submission of

  • Information/Proposals for Clearances/Approvals
  • Investment approval.
  • Forest Clearance.
  • Environment Clearance.

Monitoring of Performance,

  • Performance reviews.
  • Signing of MOUs.
  • Nomination of Directors

in the Board of Directors.

Vendors/Project Contractors.

Proper execution of contractual terms and conditions in implementation of projects and procurement.

Follow procedure laid down in relevant Manual and Powers laid down in the Delegation of Powers.

Shareholder, Banker.

Compliance Covenants and performance indices.

Timely payment of dividend /dues.

Joint Ventures

Proper execution of agreement terms and conditions in operations.

Follow procedure laid down in Business Plan/ Memorandum of Understanding.


Adherence to highest standards of social responsibility and environment protection.

Pursue policies and programs for wider social development and minimum adverse impact on environment.

IREL endeavor to issue a prompt acknowledgement and redresses complaints of its Citizens. A formal procedure and robust mechanism is in vogue for most of its Citizens as indicated below.

As per the sales policy of IREL, there is a multi-tiered grievance redressal mechanism in place for addressing grievances. As the customers of IREL are spread all over the country, redressal of complaint/grievance is given utmost priority by the company.  Grievances, if any, are redressed by mail, e-mail, fax etc.

Level 1:    Customers to register their grievances with Sr. Manager / Dy. General Manager in charge of domestic sales/exports at HO.  An interim reply acknowledging the receipt of grievance would be sent immediately.  The grievance will be addressed within 30 days from receipt.

Level 2:    If customer/buyer is not satisfied with the reply/redressal at Level 1, the same shall be escalated to Director(Marketing), who shall address the grievance within 15 days from the date of receipt.

Level 3:    If customer/buyer is not satisfied with the reply/redressal at Level 2, the same shall be escalated to CMD who shall address the grievance within 15 days from the date of receipt.
Customer meets are also organized periodically to understand their issues, future requirements in advance and their problems, if any solved along with to make the customers aware of the internal processes and mandatory compliance, if any.  Additionally, regular channel of communication through web posting, information bulletin etc.

In additional to the above, any customer can also register their public grievance/complaint through the Centralized Public Grievance Redress & Monitoring System (CPGRAMS). All the grievances/complaints received are examined/ considered and disposed of expeditiously by the designated Public Grievance Officer of IREL. 



CPGRAMS is also available for grievance/complaint redressal by certain categories of citizens such as society, vendors etc. besides the establish channels available under the contract/law.

Monitoring & Improvement of Citizen’s Charter

IREL recognizes the importance of the Evaluation and Monitoring of the Citizen’s Charter in improving standards of services. The evaluation and monitoring of the "Citizen’s Charter" shall take place as and when the dynamics of the stakeholder requirements changes. A practice of self-assessment shall be put in place enabling the staff to assess how well they think they are delivering the products. This will then be compared with the feedback. Regular evaluation and monitoring of the performance standards builds confidence among the users of the service and standards may be made more acceptable.

Review of Citizen Charter:

The Charter shall be reviewed annually based on the experiences and feedback received from Citizens.

Charter on the Web

To ensure that the Charter of IREL is open to all concerned and interested, it will be made available at the company’s website:

Last Updated On 06/07/2017