Blacklisted Vendors

IREL deals with Agencies viz parties / contractors /  suppliers /  bidders, who are expected to adopt ethics of highest standards and a very high degree of integrity, commitments and sincerity towards the work undertaken. Any failure by the vendor to supply/execute the contract as per order may result in blacklisting /  Ban of vendor's name from the approved list of vendors. The blacklisted vendor shall not be considered for a minimum period of one year from the date of blacklisting. 

Further, the vendor shall be banned from doing any business in case of :
a. If security considerations including the question of loyalty to the state so warrant.
b. If the proprietor of the firm, its partner or representative is convicted by a court of law following prosecution for offences relating to business dealings. 
c. If there is a strong justification for believing that the proprietor or employee or representative of the firm has been guilty of malpractice such as bribery, corruption, fraud, the substitution of tenders, interpolation, misrepresentation, evasion or habitual default in payment of any tax levied by law, etc. 

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Last Updated On 11/02/2020