Ilmenite is supplied to TiO2, Synthetic Rutile and Titanium Slag producers in bulk. Some quantity of the material is supplied to welding electrode and Ferro titanium producers.


Rutile is supplied to the welding electrode industry.


Zircon is supplied to ceramics, refractories, foundries and zirconium chemicals industry.


Garnet is supplied to industries for sandblasting operation. Other major industrial segments consuming Garnet are water jet cutting, glass polishing and manufacturers of abrasives.


Refractory manufacturers are the main customers of Sillimanite. In addition, some quantity is used by ceramic manufacturers.

Rare Earths Chloride:

Major customers use it as feed material for the separation of individual rare earth elements. It also finds usage in production of mischmetal and in pigments.

Trisodium Phosphate:

Major customers are detergent manufacturers, power plants, refineries, steel plants, fertilizer producers, etc.

Thorium Nitrate:

Thorium Nitrate customers use the same for the production of Gas Mantle

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