IREL is committed to provide a safe and healthy environment for the protection and well being of the employees and the general public by means of safe and healthy system of work. Safety is given paramount consideration right from the conceptual stage of all the projects, modification / expansions and day-to day operations. The company is of the firm belief that accidents are preventable and the creation of safe and healthy working conditions is as important as production.

IREL, recognises the need for developing a safety culture in the organization to enhance the awareness and commitment of all employees to safety. Decision making of Safety is guided by the following:

- Establish and maintain safe work environment with appropriate facilities, equipment, procedures and trained personnel to ensure health and safety of workers.

- Identify, assess and control occupational, public health and environmental hazards arising from operations including handling, transport of raw- materials and products.

- Adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to land management making use of best available scientific information.

- Comply with all applicable statutory provisions for the protection of health, safety and environment. These include relevant stipulations made by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Directorate General of Mines Safety, Department of Environment and State Pollution Control Boards.

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